Will Obd2 Scanner Work Obd1?difference between OBD1 and OBD2 Scanners

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The auto industry entails an OBD scanner to help you understand when your car is in trouble as a car owner. Without this scanner, your car can cause you terrible headaches that you can’t begin to fathom. To diagnose any of your car issues, an OBD scanner can help you immensely.

As a car owner, you may ask, will obd2 scanner work obd1? Most definitely. This is because the obd2 scanner is an advance of the obd1 scanner, meaning it can still function as originally. It is an exceptional diagnostic tool whose efficiency is unmatched. Keep your car in the right condition by having this scanner.

Will Obd2 Scanner Work Obd1?

If you tend to wonder, will obd2 scanner work obd1? It definitely will, but for better performance, you will require an obd1 to obd2 connector. The latest obd2 scanners are designed in a way that they suit both obd1 and obd2 cars. What does this mean? That you can diagnose your car with an obd2 scanner even though it is installed with an obd1 scanner.


Since the obd1 scanner was invented, it has offered immense benefits to car owners. With the invention of obd2 scanners, the auto industry changed for these devices to provide top-notch services. That is why an obd2 scanner can work on obd1 vehicles because it is the same technology, only advanced. With an obd2 scanner, you have a versatile and powerful tool to work on obd1.

The Difference Between Obd1 And Obd2 Scanners

Obd1 and obd2 scanners are used to monitor and detect any problems your car may have. These two devices offer a lot of benefits to many people in the automotive industry. However, both have significant differences, as we will outline below;


Both devices are used as car diagnostic tools; however, an obd1 comes with minimal usage. Besides that, its response time is usually delayed. This means it can make you have the wrong diagnosis. An obd2 scanner, on the other hand, is exceptionally efficient and offers quick responses. It enables you to understand the actual problem your car is facing while providing an instant solution.


Obd2 scanners are technologically advanced compared to obd1 scanners. This makes obd2 scanners perform highly because of the many advanced features instilled in them. You can connect an obd2 scanner via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enabling it to report any issues instantly. This is not the same with obd1 scanners, for they were invented way back.

Vehicle support

Obd1 scanners can only support any vehicle manufactured from 1995 backward. On the other hand, an obd2 scanner offers support to vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards. This is what sets an obd1 scanner and obd2 scanner apart. This means an obd1 scanner cannot be used in the cars that are presently in use.


An obd1 scanner’s functionalities are limited, for it cannot check and monitor everything about your car. What is exceptional about an obd2 scanner is that it can perform what it is assigned to. It can also perform the functions of an obd1 scanner. This makes an obd2 scanner stand out in terms of functionality.

Global use

There are states that an obd1 scanner cannot be used. Hence if your vehicle is installed with one, it might not give you much service. This is not the same with obd2 scanners, for they are designed for global use. They are state of the art devices whose usability keep on a rising day in day out throughout the world.


An obd1 scanner will tell you what issues your car is having. That’s where it ends. It has no capacity to give a solution. This means if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, you are on your own because this tool can not be of any help. This is not the case with an obd2 scanner because it monitors and detects your car’s issues; it then goes a step further to offer a solution.


For an obd1 scanner to work, you have to connect it to the console. Through that, the port is diagnosed, helping you read the data. An obd2 scanner usually connects remotely to diagnose ports. That way, this diagnostic tool can read data via a Bluetooth connection. If you want to make a fast diagnosis of your car problem, it is better to use an obd2 scanner due to its remote advantage.

Code number revealing

It is important to note that obd1 scanners are only used as code readers. They cannot do more than display codes on screens. This means that they cannot reveal code numbers; instead, they keep blinking light, which you must be keen to count. This can be quite tiresome. Obd2 scanners can show code numbers easily on the screen, which makes them the best for use.


If you have an obd1 scanner, the downside is it cannot work on another car brand. That is how many manufactures have designed obd2 scanners. This means if you own a Ford and a Toyota, you will need two scanners because one cannot work on the other. With an obd2 scanner, you will never face such, for it can be used on any car brand without any challenges. So, no matter the fleet of cars you have in different brands, an obd2 scanner will still offer the same functionality. It is a universal tool that is accepted by any car brand or model.

Who Are Obd1 And Obd2 Scanners Built For?

OBD1 scanners

They are built for people who own vehicles that were manufactured from 1995 backward. Those are the only vehicles that are compatible with obd1 scanners. Though they are easy to use, they come with limited functionalities. They don’t work wirelessly, but they are excellent in solving small problems that are not technical. You can store codes with this device, but the downside is that it is challenging to read the codes.

OBD2 scanners

This diagnostic tool is built for vehicles manufactured from 1996 to date. They come with high tech features enabling you to solve any car problem without consulting a mechanic. With this scanner, you enjoy both basic and advanced functionalities; hence, this scanner will come in handy no matter the car problem. Some mechanics use this scanner to diagnose vehicle problems, unlike in the past, where such a device could not be available. With car knowledge, this diagnostic tool will be straightforward to use.

Final Thought

Truth be told, the automotive industry has undergone many technological changes over the years. This has led to obd1 and obd2 scanners’ innovation that both work to ensure that your car is in its top-notch condition. These two are important diagnostic tools that every vehicle should have.

All these makes one wonder, will obd2 scanner work obd1? The good news is, it can and what’s more is, it can perform even better. An obd2 scanner has been technologically advanced to offer efficient services, no matter the car model or brand. Rest easy knowing an obd2 scanner got your back!

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