What Size Winch For Jeep? – Do You Need For Your Jeep 2020

What will you do if you got stuck in a muddy road with your car? Your sorrows will know no bounds, right? But unfortunately, it might happen with you in any situation. Or, maybe you have already faced the situation earlier. In this case, the question should come to your brain- “What size winch for jeep?”

Yes, only a winch can help you out in this critical situation to get rid of. Also, your friend may get stuck in similar situation where your help is needed for your friend to rescue his car. Any size winch will not do the work for you. You need the proper size depending on your car’ weight. Therefore, you can rescue not only your car but also others from the inconveniences.

Do I need a winch on my Jeep?

To tell the truth, a winch on your jeep sometimes becomes your life saver. Do you know why? Well. There are many reasons behind it. Your car may get stuck on a muddy road or simply on such a road where there it is difficult for your car to move ahead. In this situation, your car needs nothing but a winch on it. It will help your car to move.

What size winch for jeep?

A winch is a device that helps your car to haul or lift from a critical situation where your car cannot move an inch. Therefore, it is a rope, cable or chain that attached to a drum you can turn and mount at the front of your car’s bumper. When you need to use the winch, you need to attach it to other car so that it can haul or lift your car from any odd situation.

What size winch for jeep?

You know that a winch helps you to get rid of some odd situation you may have encountered while driving your car. But you should also learn what size winch do you actually need to haul or lift your car if you are in such a bad situation when you are off-road. Depending of a few essential things, you can determine what size of winch you need for you car.

Consider weight of your car

This is the most important consideration before you head over to purchase any winch for  your car. All you can do is weigh your car including you with your all possible needed gear on it. After you have weighed you car, take a note on your notebook or something else. Because you will need to use before you go to buy the accurate winch for your car, right?

Now it is time for you to multiply the weight you have got of your car by 1.5 times and you will get the needed winch for your car. Also, make sure you know what GVW is. Let me tell you because through this article I want to make everything clear. However, GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight. When you get GVW of your car, it is pretty simple to get the proper winch for your car as well.

So, the equation goes like that- Winch size of your car = GVW x 1.5

Bigger is better

When it comes to purchase a winch for your car to haul or lift, make sure you have got a bigger one. Because if you end up buying the exact size, you may have some difficulties to use it with your car. So, it will be better for you to get a bigger one in case the terrain is rough enough where it is difficult to attach and pull the winch from a shorter distance.

Therefore, after multiplying with 1.5 times to the GVW of your car, you should buy a bit bigger than the actual size for the betterment of your car’s hauling or lifting easily at a great distance. So, it should be clearer to you what size winch for jeep, right?

Consider synthetic rope instead of steel

Steel cable may cause you some inconvenient when it comes to hauling or lifting a car at the time of operation. Because it may cause you hurt if there is any break at the time of dragging the car from a bad situation. On the other hand, synthetic rope is way more better and convenient for your to use as winch on your jeep. While dragging the car from rough condition, it may break and cause harm to you. That’s why a synthetic rope will not cause you any harm at the time of any misshappening.

How to Safely Use Your Winch?

You must take precautions when it comes to use your winch to pull or drag your car from any bad situation. Sometimes, the synthetic rope may develop debris on it which will cause you to slice your hands as well. Also, you have to make sure you are performing the rescuing of your car or your friend’s jeep from a safe distance. Otherwise, you may fall in any danger which costs you a lot as well.

Step 1: First thing should come first and you have to make sure that you have equipped everything properly from attaching the necessary tools to using the synthetic rope.

Step 2: In this step, you have to take other precautions so that you don’t have encountered any miss happening with you. Because sometimes the synthetic rope aka the winch may break.

Step 3: For your complete protection, you should wear high quality and thicker gloves so that your hands can keep safe at the time of rescuing your car from the danger situation.

Step 4: As the winch has synthetic rope, chances are there may develop debris over time. And, it may slip from your hands as well which may cause your hands cuts or serious injury for a long time. So, before you head over to use a winch make sure you are completely prepared.

Final thought

So, before you go to buy a winch for your jeep, make sure you have taken the weight of your jeep. Then you can understand what size winch for jeep. And then you need to multiply the weight of the jeep with 1.5 times so that you can get the best accurate size winch for your car to rescue it from any bad situation. But it is recommended and wise to get a bit bigger size apart from the actual size you have got after the calculation.

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