What Size Winch Do I Need? – A Complete Winching Guide 2021

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If you’re planning to go off-roading with your SUV out in the mud or harsh terrain, the first modification you want to make is hooking up a winch. A higher suspension or better traction won’t come in handy if you get stuck inside a pile of mud until you deploy your winch. Well, selecting the right winch will include a ton of things that you must consider; the winch’s size is the first one. Knowing what size winch do I need will help you overrule the mud or sharp cliffs and keep going in the car. Stick to the article if you’re planning to get your first winch for your car an need to know how to pick one:

Are Winches Necessary?

Once you get an SUV or truck for off-roading with it, modifying it should be the first thing to consider. However, getting a winch should be the first thing before the tire, suspension, or any other tweaks when it comes to the selection. No matter how advanced the other modifications are, you’ll still get stuck inside the mud and need a winch to escape.

what size winch do I need?

The winch will save your day if you get stuck in the mud or getting over a high cliff being the foremost important thing in off-roading. When you’re traveling alone, going off the country, investing in the winch can be big insurance for getting out of there. A winch doesn’t only get you out of s stuck situation but also can speed it up when you cannot drive fast.

What Size Winch Do I Need?

Once you decide to get the recuse insurance device for your first car, the first thing you’ll ask is, what size winch do I need? Well, you need to know what things make a perfect winch for the car you’re driving. Here are the things you must know and check for while looking for a winch:

Calculate the GVWR

GVWR or the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the key point you must consider with the utmost importance. The GVWR is the rating that indicates the requirements of the size of the winch the car needs.

The rule of thumb here is that you must get at least 1.5 times higher GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) than the winch itself. So, the calculation is pretty simple; if you’re driving a 4500 lbs car, you must go for a winch with at least 9000lbs capacity.

Higher capacity is better

While selecting the winch according to the GVWR, you shouldn’t forget some of the most important things. If you’re calculating the winch capacity depending only on the GVWR, you may make a big mistake. Generally speaking, your 4×4 or the truck will get on loads of the people it’s going to carry, so add them up.

Next, you’ll have cargo in the hold, extra weight for the bumper while installing the winch itself, and so on. You must not forget about all the possibilities while calculating the capacity of your winch.

The safest capacity of the winch

Now that you can see that you have some complex calculations about the capacity following a simple solution here. You will first find the GVWR number in the car’s manual, imprinted into the car’s chassis, or under the bonnet. You have to predict how many people will travel in the car and add the total mass to the GVM.

Now, add the predicted cargo weight to the total number you have for the vehicle. Multiply the total mass by 1.5, and you have the ideal winch capacity you need for the car. However, the ideal capacity may not be enough if you get stuck badly; so, the multiplication should be with 2 or double your vehicle’s mass. That’s the safest capacity.

How To Pick The Best Winch?

Picking up the best winch for your car needs you to know how much winch capacity you need, but that’s not all! There are plenty of other things that you must consider to get the best winch available in the market, such as:

Type of the winch

The major two types of winches are electric or hydraulic that you will find in the market. People with different tastes go for their preferable type of winch. Electric winches are the most popular type to go with, as it has more reliability, and they are super easy to use. They don’t require physical effort to operate as they work with DC motors, which means your car battery can power it up.

The biggest downside of electric winch is that when your car battery dies, you cannot operate it! That’s where the hydraulic winches come in, with no requirements of electric power for the winch. Most of the enthusiast big folks love the hydraulic winches, although it gets their hands dirty. It doesn’t need electricity, but the bad side is, you’re not moving the winch once it’s in its place if you need to; and, it requires physical strength.

Steel or synthetic rope

The second thing you have to consider while choosing your winch is the type of winching rope for your winch. Most of the expensive winches will come with synthetic rope with them, and that’s the popular options people are falling for. Synthetic ropes are lighter, stronger, and more reliable if braided with anty corrosion sleeve on the weakest side.

However, the synthetic rope can be a problem if you get your winch wet or fridge it solidly in the winter. The same goes for the steel rope as it can also develop corrosion over time if not taken care of. You will find it easier to take care of the steel rope compared to the synthetic rope, by the way. It will sink under the mud or water while winching, and it’s far riskier to work with as well.

Remote or integrated solenoid box

If you’re going for the electric winch, there are two types of control systems available with the winches. You can find winches with a remote controlling feature and an integrated solenoid box to control the winch. Both have their advantages and disadvantages to them, and you have to select the right one on your preference.

The remote controller will give you more versatility and easier control as you can operate the winch from far. It puts you on a safer side of the operation while the integrated solenoid box requires you to stay inside the car. On the other hand, the solenoid car will come with better waterproofing to the winch and increase the car’s overall aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions people are asking about winches hat you must know about:

Do You Need A Winch Plate?

The winch plate is the exterior part of the winch, helping you mount the winch to the bumper. If your winch doesn’t come with a plate, you have to get an off-market plate for the winch.

Is A Winch A Pulley?

Although a winch and a pulley have different ways of working, they have almost the same perspective. A pulley helps you pull things; the winch does the same but uses power for heavy lifting.

Can You Mount A Winch To A Bull Bar?

If your winch can attach to a bull bar, you can attach it to the bull bar. However, you have to make sure the bull bar is strong and rigid enough to pull the whole car.

Final Thought

Getting your first winch can be a big problem if you don’t know about winches and what they do. Knowing what size winch do I need is the most important step towards getting your first winch to do the job well. Ensure that the winch’s build quality and reliability are unquestionable; go through some reviews online to decide.

Know if it needs an external bumper for mounting the winch to the car, which may come with some extra investments! I hope the things we’ve mentioned above will help you decide your next gear to strengthen your 4×4 toy.

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