What Does An OBD2 Scanner Do 2021?

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An OBD2 scanner is a vital tool connected to your car, allowing you to access your car information. This device displays fuel efficiency, diagnostic codes, engine RPM, car speed, and vehicle VIN. You can use an OBD2 scanner to troubleshoot your car problems, enabling you to take the necessary action. If you have been asking, “what does an OBD2 scanner do?’’ now, you have the answers.

A good OBD2 scanner gives excellent car maintenance as it troubleshoots your car problems. You will be able to know the issues your car is having way before an expensive disaster occurs. That way, you will save much because you will rectify the problem in advance instead of being overcharged due to a massive mechanical issue.

What Does An OBD2 Scanner Do?

The popularity of an OBD2 scanner continues increasing amongst car owners because of its efficiency. What does an OBD2 scanner do? An OBD2 scanner takes an in-depth look at your car’s underlying issues, which is vital in keeping your car well maintained. This device saves you money in many ways, making it an invaluable tool for all car owners. It is an affordable device; hence you should not worry about the cost because you can afford it.


If you have a hard time keeping up with proper car maintenance, it may be because your car does not have an OBD2 scanner. The technology in this device makes it possible for your car to self-diagnose reporting when the car malfunctions.  This scanner is equipped with software that keeps monitoring the state of your car and recommending solutions. It is also efficient in sending commands to all your car systems and self-corrects any anomalies.

How do I set up an OBD2 scanner – what’s the process?

You may know what an OBD2 scanner does, but knowing how to set it up is equally important. Here is how to set up an OBD2 scanner;

  • Start by updating your OBD2 scanner – This is where the setup commences. You need to ensure the scanner is updated to make it work well. Do this by using a USB cable plugged into your computer to update the scanner.
  • Do a checkup – Now that you have updated your scanner, it means it is ready for use. The next step is to go through the menus and functionalities to ascertain their efficiency. Check the wiring if it is well done to avoid issues with the other parts.
  • Connecting the OBD2 scanner. If you are using a hardline for connection, ensure you plug the scanner into the car’s DLC. If you can’t find the DLC location, consult the manual of your car. However, the DLC usually is next to the steering column; it won’t be too hard to find.
  • This stage will be determined by if your OBD2 scanner can connect wirelessly. If it can connect it to your car via Bluetooth connection, though, in other cars, you can do it through Wi-Fi. Though only a few cars have onboard Wi-Fi, most of them have Bluetooth protocols that still works perfectly.
  • Now, it is time to insert the key in your car’s ignition. Turn the key, ensuring your ignition comes on without starting the engine. This is the point where your OBD2 scanner indicates it’s already connected to your car.

How Do OBD2 Scanners Work?

OBD2 scanners are standardized, meaning they all follow similar standards. They are easy to use for all you have to do to insert the universal plug into the scanner in your car. Once that is done, all the information concerning your car will be displayed on the screen. The codes displayed can be easily interpreted via the internet or using the device’s manual.

With OBD2 scanners, you will be provided with real-time data, and if there are any error codes, they will be displayed too. With this scanner, your car is well maintained because not only will the issues be displayed, but also possible solutions will be outlined. That’s what makes an OBD2 scanner exceptional, its ability to resolve any problem your car has.

What to Do When Your OBD2 Scanner Does Not Work?

An OBD2 scanner is a device like any other, and it can malfunction from time to time. So, what do you if it’s not working? This may be a tough one because you need an OBD2 scanner to keep your car in good health. Without this crucial tool, you cannot be assured of safety while on the road with your car.

If your OBD2 scanner is not working:

  • Check if there is a blown a fuse. If nothing is being displayed, it might mean that a blown a fuse might be the cause.
  • It could be because of a clogged port. Check if the scanner’s port is filled with dust or any other kind of dirt. This might block communication between the device and the other parts of your car.

Final Thought

As a car owner, you may know a thing or two about OBD2 scanners. Regardless, what does an OBD2 scanner do? It diagnoses your car’s mechanical faults and displays the information on the screen. This scanner can provide you with immense knowledge about troubleshooting your car. Owning an OBD2 scanner can make a lot of difference between maintaining your car or spending a lot of your money at the mechanic.

The functionalities of the OBD2 scanner can vary depending on the type of scanner. Go for an OBD2 scanner that provides a range of information concerning your car. That way, your car will always be in great shape because you will receive constant updates on any issues. An OBD2 scanner is an excellent investment, especially if your car means a lot to you and you want it to serve you a long time.

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