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Whether you’re planning to spray-paint your house, inflate a flat tire, or power up a pressure washer, an air compressor has its application. Although there are so many air compressors, you can use them for almost any power tool. However, you cannot just get an air compressor, hook it up, and start working right away. 

You must know how to use it properly and deploy it with the right measure to make it work safely. I’ll talk about what are air compressors used for, how you can use one, and the benefits you can expect. Stick to the article as I get you through the things you must know about air compressors, their usage, and the advantages of using one: 

What Are Air Compressors Used For

Using an air compressor can ease your works a lot with different types of applications. Here are the most popular things what are air compressors used for:

what are air compressors used for

Airbrush painting

One of the most popular applications of air compressors around the world is airbrush painting. You can use an air compressor for power spray painters, which is widely common in professional painting. Using a spray painter requires a high air pressure to spray the pain to the surface with proper ratio. However, make sure you have the proper compressor with the right PSI setting for a good spray. 

Inflating tires and tubes

Inflating a tire is a job if you want to have a good driving experience in your car. Inflating car tires without an air compressor is impossible, and it can also ease the inflation for bicycle tires. If you end up getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, an air compressor with an inflation kit can save the day. Furthermore, you can easily use an air compressor for inflating a pool tube or other tubes that need air inflation. 

Pressure washing

Washing your car porch, the car itself, or other complex things that need deep penetration while washing can be a piece of cake with an air compressor. You have to use the proper hose for the job and make it super easy to penetrate through narrow channels. While the normal washing hoses cannot pressure you to get rid of the grim under the engine, a pneumatic washer can do it easily. 

Air Blower machine 

Cleaning the dust off the engine without getting it wet or cleaning the inside of your computer can be easier if you use an air blower. Air blowers have a very wide range of applications where makes people’s job far easier with a pinpoint target. You must need a pressurized air compressor to blow that much air through the air blower’s tip. 

Pneumatic tools

There are pneumatic versions of almost any type of power tool like drill machines, saws, sanders, etc. If you have to use a sanding machine on your woodworking project, using a pneumatic sander can be a big advantage. Pneumatic power tools are compatible with industrial usage and require no battery power. 

Air hammers and impact wrenches

Staples and hammers are the most used tools in various tools works, especially in woodworking. If you’re working on a massive project, working with physical strength isn’t an option. 


Sandblasting is a common use of air compressors, which is common for industrial surface preparation. Air sandblasters can remove rust from metal, paint, or other imperfections from the piece’s surface. Ensure you check the requirements of using the right material such as sand, silica, water, or other cleaning materials. 


Making your own snowmaker can be a truth with an air compressor and a snowmaker machine. If you’re planning to make the next birthday party more enjoyable, snowmaking can be a great option to spice it. DIY snowmaking is far inexpensive than the usual commercial snowmakers, and it’s easier to use as well. 


A diving cylinder is an essential part of diving gear, especially if you’re a scuba diver. Filling the cylinder with pressurized gas requires high-end air compressors with other equipment. If you’re diving with surface oxygen supply, pressurized air is still needed for you to breathe underwater. 

How To Use An Air Compressor

You must know how to use an air compressor if you’re planning to get the most out of it. Here is the step by step process of using an air compressor that you must know and follow: 

Step 1: (Safety precautions)

Put on your safety glasses, close the safety relief valve on the compressor, and close the drain valve under the tank. It will keep the air compressor safe from overpressure. 

Step 2: (Assemble and connect the hose)

Assemble the air compressor following the manufacturer’s hand guide and connect the tool hose to the valve. You will use this hose for connecting the tool you’re going to use later. Never exceed the pressure level recommendation from the manufacturer.

Step 3: (Oil the machine and power up)

Check if the machine has enough oil inside; oil it if needed, then connect the electric socket to the air compressor. Now, power the compressor to start working with it; make sure the drain hose is closed before powering the compressor. 

Step 4: (Connect the tool and adjust the pressure)

Connect the tool you’re going to use with the air compressor and adjust the pressure level according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. After Finishing using the tool, disconnect the tool, disconnect the electricity, and disconnect the hose. 

Benefits Of Air Compressor

Here are the main benefits of using an air compressor for daily tasks from personal projects to industrial usage: 

  • You can replace the traditional hammers and power staplers with air staples, hammers, and wrenches with air compressor tools. 
  • Air compressor tools will help you crack massive projects easier than ever with the fine-tuning capability and more power than the electric tools. 
  • Air drills, air grinders, and other air tools can help you control the speed, penetration, and other fine-tuning parameters. 
  • A single air compressor is compatible with multiple air tools that can add versatility to your workshop. 
  • The best part of using air compressors is, the air is free to use, and you will never go out of your raw material as the air is what you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about air compressors that you should know about: 

Can You Use An Air Compressor To Fill A Tire?

Yes, you can easily use an air compressor to fill a tire, especially if it can come in handy if you have to inflate a tire on your own in the middle of nowhere. 

Is It OK To Leave Air In The Air Compressor?

If you’re going to use the air compressor soon, you don’t have to release the air from the tank. However, release the air inside once in a few days of using it.

How Often Should I Drain My Air Compressor? 

You don’t necessarily have to drain your air compressor every day; rather, you can drain it once in a few days or a week. 

Final Thought

Using an air compressor can help you with many heavy-duty jobs. You can easily penetrate heavy nuts and rotate them without fighting with the compressor. If you’re using it for blowing or cleaning, make sure you have the right pressure to blow air in the right amount. Or, you may end up making a hole on the expensive HEPA filter instead of cleaning it through. 

Although there are tons of things what are air compressors used for, don’t forget about the safety measurements for yourself and the machine itself. Never point the washer at people, pets, or any other soft things you don’t want to damage.

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