Itrack Gps Car Tracker Review 2021: Real Time Tracking Devices for Personal Use

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It’s quite natural to care about the things that you love. Especially, if it is your car then its price is another important factor that you have to bring under consideration. Because you already invest a significant amount of money for purchasing it. You’ll surely never want to misplace or lose your car.

Now if you desire to secure your vehicle. You’ll need a real-time tracking device that will alert you instantly if anyone tries to access your car without your permission. Stick on to iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review to know my personal experience with this car tracking device.

What Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

iTrack GPS Car Tracker is a highly advanced car tracking device that will help you to secure your car 24/7. With this spy GPS tracking device, you can track the real-time location of your vehicle whenever you want. The best part of this tracking device is it supports all those cars that are manufactured after the period of 1996. iTrack is an outstanding hidden car tracking device that saves both your money and time.

What Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker

There is no hidden-charge & you don’t have to pay any charge as a subscription fee. With this highly advanced tracking device, you’ll always get real-time information and immediate alerts of your car. After installing the iTrack device in your car, you can monitor the speed of your car, check the route history, etc. You can complete all these activities through an android and ios app.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

The iTrack GPS Car Tracker has so many amazing features. Now here in this iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review section, I’m going to show you some of its unique features that I’ve personally experienced.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

Real-Time Location:

It doesn’t matter wherever your car is or whoever took your car, you can easily trace the current location of your car. If your car is secured with the iTrack GPS Car Tracker. Sometimes my son takes my car for traveling and I can trace him where and how far he’s going.

Monitor Speed:

With iTrack GPS Car Tracking device, you can not only track the location of your car, but it also shows you the speed of your car. So if your car is somehow lost and you want to follow your car. You’ll know absolutely how quickly you have to move to capture the thief. The higher the speed the higher the risk. The live speed tracking feature of this device is a super amazing part of this device that I highly appreciate. 

Route History:

This is a very impressive feature of this tracking device. You can observe all the data and history of the route that your car moves on. The history of the route is so important for the car owner to trace the car easily if it is lost. Because by analyzing the route history, you know exactly what you have to do to get back your car. Though my car does not fall into such a situation till now. Then again this one is another outstanding feature of this device that I love most.

Immediate Alert System:

Once your car is secured with this device, no one can steal your car by hiding your eyes. The device will Immediate alert systems will send you a notification if the car moves its position without your permission.


From location tracking, speed monitoring to checking route history everything you can do with your smartphone by installing the iTrack app. There is a dedicated app for this device in android and ios. With this app, you can track the activity of your car whenever you want. Before going anywhere, I always check the app to know if my car is still in the garage or some other already took it.

Supports in All Latest Car:

The device perfectly runs on any car that is made after the period of 1996. That means you’ll barely find any car that this device won’t support.

How Does It Work: iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review

iTrack GPS is a very innovative and highly advanced car tracking device. All that you’ve to do is to plug in this onboard-diagnostics tracker on your car diagnostic port and your job is done. Now the device will start tracking your car and you’ll start to receive real-time location. Its immediate alert system will send you instant notifications whenever your car is in motion without your permission.

How Does It Work iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review

You can track the activity of the car 24×7 as long as the charge of the battery remains. Even the tracker sends you a low battery notification if the battery tends to below. It uses GPS and GSM in both technologies. GPS helps the car for easy tracking and GSM sends you constant alerts about your route location, time, date, etc.

The device analyzes your driving history and suggests routes location in your next drive. If someone takes your car for driving, you can track the speed of your car. So that you can alert them not to go fast to avoid any potential risk. All these amazing features are implemented to provide you a convenient journey and the safety of your car.

How To Use iTrack Car Tracker?

Tracking your car has never been so easy as it is with iTrack GPS Car Tracker. With this smart device, you can easily track the activity of the car 24×7  by using your smartphone.  As I explained in the previous section, you just need to connect the device to the diagnostic port and your job is done.

How To Use iTrack Car Tracker

So the first thing that you have to do is to locate the location of the port which may vary from car to car. Before plugging the device into your car-port, you need to insert the sim card that comes with your device. Once you finish the installation of the device on your car the 80% job is complete.

Now download the iTrack GPS Car Tracker app on your phone and set up your account and connect it with your tracker. The device has a dedicated app for both android & ios platforms. So, it won’t make any problem if you’re using an android or ios operating system. Now, by using your app, you can track the location, speed, route history, etc., and a lot more activity of your car. Before using iTrack GPS, I’ve used so many car tracker devices but none of them are as accurate and user-friendly as this one. This is why I personally suggest going for this one when someone is looking for a car tracking device.

What Makes This Itrack So Special?

There are so many amazing factors that make the iTrack GPS Car Tracker very special to every car owner. Especially its affordable price, convenient use, and portability make it an outstanding device. It’s one of the most effective &  efficient GPS trackers that is designed with a very easy installation process. Down this segment, I’m going to add some special factors that make this device so special to me.

What makes this iTrack so special

  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Easy access with android and ios apps.
  • Discrete and small.
  • Works perfectly with any car that is made after the period of 1996.
  • It allows you to personalize the alert system.

Why Do I Need iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

If you’re an owner of a car then the safety of your car is yours. No one is going to make sure of it on behalf of you. Now to ensure the safety of your car, you’ll need a GPS tracker. And, the iTrack GPS Car Tracker is the best tracking device compared to others.

This cutting-edge iTrack GPS Car Tracking device provides you an advanced level security system. It shows you the current location of your car and helps you to monitor the speed and route history. Once the device is installed in your car, you can stay relaxed without worrying about the security of your car.

If anyone tries to outbreak your car without authorization, the device will send you instant alerts. So if you want to ensure the security of your car then iTrack GPS Car Tracker is an appropriate choice for you.

Where Can I Order iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

If your car is still out of the tracking system. Then you should go for this iTrack GPS Car Tracker before it’s too late. Besides the good news is there is a promo offer currently going on.

If you purchased it during this offer, you’ll receive a massive 50% discount and free shipping around the world. To activate the offer go through the below link that I’ve included down this section.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be a lot of questions that arise in your mind while reading this iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review. Get the answers to those queries from the below segment.

Can I track my car if I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes, you can. The smartphone helps you to track your car conveniently by using the app.  But it doesn’t mean that it is the only way to track your car using the iTrack device. You can simply use the google map on your computer and track your car without any hassle.

Does the iTrack GPS Car Tracker have inbuilt memory?

Yes, iTrack GPS Car Tracker has a 1-MB built-in memory that can store up to 16000 locations. Then again you can extend the memory up to 2GB by using an external MicroSD-card.

How long the battery of the device last?

The life of the battery actually depends on the usage of the device. But within standby mode, it provides you 6-days long battery backup.

Conclusion of the iTrack Review

Thinking about safety and security is a common nature of humans. Every one of us wants to increase the security of our life in different aspects. Especially, when the matter is about your car, you have to maintain a good security system. Because by purchasing a car you’ve already invested a significant amount of money.

Now if you read the above iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review, you already know how to increase the security of your car. With this GPS tracking device, you can track your car’s location, speed, route history, and a lot more activity.

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