How To Remove Drawers from Craftsman Tool Chest

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A Craftsman tool is one kind of box that is used to hold all the essential tools in one place. Placing a variety of tools in a drawer can result in a few small things getting stuck or falling behind a drawer. You can easily get the dropped tools when you know How to Remove Drawers from Craftsman Tool Chest. Basically, it’s a simple task, you just need a bit of a trick.

Maximum Craftsman tool chests do not use manual tabs or levers like others. Craftsman tool chest has a drawer stopper that you can force with a screwdriver. First, you have to enlarge the drawer as far as you can. Once you push on the stopper it will leave the drawer so you can bring it out. To make it much easier below we will provide a full guideline on how you can remove the drawer from your Craftsman tool chest.

About Craftsman Tool Chest

Craftsman Tool Chest is the perfect storage solution for those who want a permanent palace to keep all essential tools in one place. Basically, this tool chest is made with steel with multiple drawers and usually has wheels to move anywhere. The drawer glide works smoothly and each soft-close ball bearing slider set doesn’t allow the drawer to slam when closed aggressively. Besides, each drawer includes an aluminum blade handle for better grip when the hands are sticky.

Craftsman Tool Chest

This professional Tool Box has a key interlocking system to protect. Moreover, each drawer has a non-slip place to help your tool stay organized. Craftsman combined pegboard carriage panels on both sides of the chest for extra storage for tools. The right side of the craftsman tool chest has a power strip and USB ports for easy charging.

Tools You’ll Need

People like carpenters or plumbers find it essential to transfer and store a lot of tools. If you want to move or shift your tools around frequently, then you should get a craftsman tool chest. You will get many incredible advantages when you have one. With this tool, you can keep all your tools in just one unit that saves you time. However, the chances of losing tools will be reduced by using this tool.

How To Remove Drawers From Craftsman Tool Chest

Once the instruments are stuck behind the drawer or the slides need to be washed for a smooth drawer glide. For this, you have to know How to Remove Drawers from Craftsman Tool Chest. Well, to assist in this matter, below we have described how you can do this.

Remove Drawers From Craftsman Tool Chest

Step 1: Pull the Levers up or Down

To remove the drawer that you want to take out, you must first expand it completely until it stops coming out. Now examine if the craftsman tool chest has levers or tabs on the slides. If there is any metal clip or lever on the slides, pull the levers. You have to pull them up or down according to the position of the lever.

Step 2: Push the Tabs

However, if the slides have tabs, then you will have to drag the tabs. If your craftsman tool chest has no tabs in the slides, you can avoid this step.

Step 3: Lift the Drawer and Pull it Towards You

Finally, to remove the drawer, lift it slightly above the rate by hand with both sides of the drawer. Then drag it out of the Craftsman Tools chest. if it doesn’t work out, you’ll require a screwdriver. Push the glide with the screwdriver head in the slot. Following the procedure, you can easily remove a drawer from your Craftsman tool chest.

Things To Remember When Remove Drawers From Craftsman Tool Chest

Before removing any drawer from the Craftsman tool chest, you have to consider a few things. This consideration will help you to remove your drawer easily. To help you in this matter, below we have made a list that you may think of before removing a drawer.

  • At first, place the craftsman tool chest on a level surface so that it could not move.
  • Find the manual of your Craftsman tool chest and read the instruction on how you can open a drawer.
  • Properly inspect the sides of the drawer. You will see a metal or plastic track on each side of the drawer.
  • You have to remove all the instruments from the drawer that you need to remove. Store these tools in a box so that they don’t get lost.
  • Although you don’t have any fancy tool to remove the drawer, you may need a Brass Strip. This will support you to push the tabs on the drawer slide.

Some Useful Tips to Remove Drawer from Craftsman Tool Chest

Many people can advise you that you can quickly remove the drawer by bending the metal tap on the friction slides. That is not a good idea because it would keep the drawer from functioning properly when it is reinstalled. Make sure your Craftsman tool chest is empty before removing any drawer. Because you can get hurt by falling on any tools.

Remove Drawers From Craftsman Tool Chest

Keep enough space in the front of the toolbox when removing a drawer. Because the drawer requires enough space after removing it. Besides, you can use oil like Lucas Oil on the slides bearing. This will help you to move your drawers smoothly.


There are many causes behind the drawer of your Craftsman tool chest that has become jammed. Maybe the drawer’s bearing is not working all the way or simply stuck in one spot. First, try to don’t drag the drawer stronger, it could worsen the condition. Use any flashlight and examine the side, find out behind causing the stuck.

At the above, we discuss How to Remove Drawers from Craftsman Tool Chest. To remove your drawer easily, just follow our guidelines carefully. Expectedly, this article will serve you in the future, if you are still not stuck with your drawer. If you can’t remove the stuck drawer, it may be better to communicate with an expert technician.

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