How To Install A Toolbox In A Truck Bed Without Drilling

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Toolboxes have now become very famous all over the world. Many reasons are running behind its getting popular. All the reasons are mainly the benefits that a toolbox can provide. Toolboxes are very necessary not only for the benefits but for our expectations. We all want to keep the essential tools safe and nearby. In bad weather, this box keeps safe all your cargo and gears, which increases the durability of the tools uses. But the main confusion is between do we need to drill for installing the toolbox in the truck or don’t. And the answer is, of course, you can install it without drilling.

However, if you are new, it’s not going to be an easy task to install a toolbox without drilling. But this article has the proper direction for you. Read this article to know how to install a toolbox in a truck bed without drilling.

Why Do You Need A Truck Toolbox?

A truck toolbox is a very necessary piece of equipment. Toolboxes provide many quality benefits to us. Also, you will get benefits if you install a truck toolbox. The benefits below you will get after mounting a toolbox in your truck:

Truck Toolbox

Protect the Equipment

Safety is the priority of having a toolbox for your truck. It can protect all your important and expensive tools from being lost. Sometimes keeping tools in the truck’s bed will become damaged, rusty, unuseful, and stolen.

Protect the Truck

Toolboxes will protect the truck, too, in many ways. Left the heavy tools anywhere will scratching and tearing up paint of your truck. Flying tools can be deadly while you turn the car too hard. That’s why it’s necessary to store all types of tools in a suitable place, like a toolbox.

Increase the Storage Space

Sometimes there remains less space in the garage or in our house to store any important or heavy tools. Also, you may feel unsafe to keep them inside the house, but a toolbox has enough space to keep them safe. A well-designed toolbox can carry a good amount of heavy equipment.

Stay Organized

If you are a mechanic, or you have a truck, then the organization is a must. You can stay organized if you have a toolbox in your truck. The truck toolbox helps you to monitor all the important equipment easily.

Prevents Theft

Toolboxes have an excellent safety lock to prevent the tools from being stolen.

Tools and Material You’ll Need to  Install a Toolbox in a Truck Bed Without Drilling

You will require some extra materials and tools to install the toolbox properly in the truck bed without drilling. And you can’t complete the setup accurately without these tools. I’m mentioning these toolkits below, which are essential to you in this installing purpose:

  • A pair of pliers or screwdrivers
  • Padding material
  • Work gloves
  • Measuring tape
  • Heavy-duty bolts
  • Protective gear
  • Aluminum J-hooks
  • Block type Aluminum nuts
  • Screws

Make sure that you have all these toolkits in your workplace. All these elements are badly needed to help you for installing the toolbox in the truck.

How To Install A Toolbox In A Truck Bed Without Drilling

If you decided to buy a toolbox for your truck, then you must need to learn about how to install a toolbox in a truck bed without drilling. Here I have the exact procedure which you can apply to get the best result. Follow the steps below to install a toolbox in your truck without drilling:

Truck Toolbox without drilling

Choose the right Toolbox

Various types of toolboxes you will find in the market. But you have to choose one which has the perfect shape as your truck.    And you can buy one of the toolboxes to store all the essential elements on a friendly budget. CMST82765BK is the best truck Tool Box under 500 dollars that you can buy for yourself.

Get the Ideal Location

This is the main point where you have to concentrate a bit more. You will find two types of toolboxes based on the shape: the side toolbox and the crossover toolbox. You can place a crossover box across the width of the truck bed and set the side box along the length. So put your toolbox in the correct position.

Good Measurement

If you get the perfect location, then it’s time for measurement. You have to use measuring tapes to get the box’s exact width, length, and height. Without proper measurement, you can’t install the toolbox correctly.

The Foam Padding

If you don’t use foam padding, then the toolbox can cause damage to the bottom and side of your cargo truck’s body. In this case, for padding, foam strips are essential before you install the box in the truck.

Anchor the Box

Attaching the box is the central part of this whole process. It’s a lot easier to mount a plastic container, but metal toolboxes are heavy to handle. You can use J-bolt-type fasteners and tool belts to attach the toolbox accurately.

Fit the Hooks and Bolts

This step is related to the anchoring process. You will require more than five j-bolts and hooks to make sure the toolbox is properly set. Remember that foam padding is aligned with the main box is essential. Otherwise, you have to face the irritating sound problem while moving.

Tighten and Re-confirm the Installation

To tighten the toolbox, you need to use a wrench or any kind of spanner. Be careful while putting the pressure to compress the box. Excessive stress and little pressure will make trouble. Too much pressure can damage the bed rails, and little pressure won’t tighten the box, which is risky.

After finish everything perfectly, you have to re-confirm the installation process. Check out that all the nuts and bolts are placed correctly.

Things You’ll Remember When Install a Toolbox in a Truck Bed Without Drilling

You need to remember a few more things while installing a toolbox in a truck bed without drilling. These are:

  • The first thing is that you always need to pick the heavy-duty stainless steel J-hooks. Remember to maintain the resolution of the hooks. The width of the clips would be from 5 to 15 inches, and the length is 5inches.
  • Always use the specific nuts and bolts. Specific toolkits are easy to hook with aluminum blocks. Make sure that these toolkits are tight enough.
  • Clean the toolbox before installing it. The toolbox may be filled with dirt, mud, or other substances. So don’t forget to clean it after mounting it in the truck.


I hope you get all the valuable information on how to install a toolbox in a truck without drilling from this article. As you can see, it’s now a difficult task. But for those who are newbies, it’s a bit of a hard task. I have gathered all the necessary information for you from various sources. You can easily mount a toolbox if you follow the methods above from this article correctly. It’s essential to become more careful if you are new to installing a toolbox in your truck. Be careful enough to choose the suitable sizes of the toolbox and the other toolkits for installing. Don’t forget to check out after the installing process is done. I hope this article has all the data that you are looking for.

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