How To Choose Obd2 Scanner – 2021 Beginner’s Guide

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Are you guys concerned about the health state of your car? And don’t want to spend extra money on fixing some simple issues? Ok, you’re searching for an obd2 scanner right now. If you have the right scanner in your car, you can drive safely.

Whether if any problem arises, your obd2 scanner will let you know the code to solve the issue. Well, we’re here to help you with how to choose an obd2 scanner for your car. Please keep reading to know the details.

how to choose obd2 scanner

Types of obd2 scanner

Onboard Diagnostics 2 or OBD2 scanners are nothing but a protocol that exposes your cars or vehicle’s present condition. The scanner is installed in your car or trucks for self-diagnostics. We’re going to discuss different types of OBD2 scanners in this part of the article.

Basic Code Reader

Whether you search for OBD2 scanners, you’ll find the basic code reader as the most common type of scanner. They aren’t expensive enough, and they’re available in an auto parts store, home improvement stores, or even in any hardware store.

You might have taken your car to a parts store to scan your engine, and the scanner is used in this regard, which is the basic code reader’s obd2 scanner. The scanner operates on DTC, which lets you know if there is something wrong with your engine.

DIY Scanners

Now, you’ve stepped into the more advanced scanners than previous basic code readers, DIY scanners. The tool will let you know more specific information about your cars. Have you heard about dongles? The scanners are like dongles that can be plugged into your car’s diagnostic port, and eventually, it is linked into an app on your devices.

The scanner is pretty good and able to send the live data from your car that is happening right now. You’ll get information like average mpg and speed, fuel usage, and other information that your gauge can tell you.

Professional OBD2 Scanners

The name implies meaning. If you want to know your vehicle’s information like a professional, then the professional OBD2 scanner is a must-have option. You’ll nearly find every possible action that everyone needs in a scanner.

They provide advanced features like ECU adaptation, programming, and sophisticated software, mainly used in professional or commercial vehicles to diagnose them. However, the scanners are very popular for one of their features that can save data for further use.

How To Choose Obd2 Scanner

If you want to diagnose your vehicle’s internal condition and what’s going on the hood, an obd2 scanner can be the solution to know the results. While purchasing an obd2 scanner, you need to follow some basics to have the best output.

Easy Setup

Everyone loves to have a scanner that can be easily installed. No one wants an extra hassle to set up the scanner, and however, it can’t diagnose the problem early. So, when you purchase an obd2 scanner, check the manual about the process to set it up.

Proper explanation of faults

If the scanner detects the problem, but you can’t understand the code isn’t expected at all. However, picking the best scanner can provide you with proper explanations of your vehicle faults and let yourself fix the problem. So, you must go with a scanner tool capable of demonstrating your vehicle’s faults properly. Otherwise, it will be tough to understand the problem in many cases.


Accuracy is a major concern while picking an obd2 scanner. Without accurate results, a scanner is worthless. If you don’t know the exact faults, you can’t solve the issue. While selecting a scanner, look for the quality which has good customer reviews and fewer complaints. So, a scanner must have the ability to detect the problem correctly.

Weight and Size

It might be overlooked sometimes. Whether you purchased a bulky scanner, you need to place it in the toolbox, not in the car, and can’t get help from it on the road. So, if you need any help from the scanner while driving, it must be lightweight and fixed into your car.

Live data

When you’re on the outside, you might have needed to get the live state of your car. It’s one of the major concerns while you need to scan your car to get the information. But if your scanner doesn’t meet this criterion, it can’t be a good scanner. So, to get a live update of your car, pick an obd2 scanner that provides live statistics.


When you purchase your car, you expect that it will last for at least 8 to 10 years. So, why not your obd2 scanner? You know, the best obd2 scanner might offer a lifetime warranty that pleases your ride. So, before purchasing a scanner, check the warranty to avoid any extra usage of money.


You already know that some professional obd2 scanners can store data for future purposes, allowing you to use them to determine your vehicles’ performance and compare it with the present data to know the condition.

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Benefits Of Using Obd2 Scanner

Your car is full of technology, and if it is attached to an obd2 scanner, it can detect any problem and provide you with the fault code. However, you can drive into the problem and fix the issue. Let’s break down the major benefits of owning an obd2 scanner.

  • An obd2 scanner helps to save your hard-earned money. If you take your car to the mechanic for any diagnosis, you need to pay for this.
  • You can detect any severe problem with a scanner code by watching the light. If the light warns you of a critical issue, you don’t need to drive it anymore. By understanding the code, you can solve your problem.
  • Your scanner must be compatible with your every car. You don’t need to buy a new one with your newly purchased car.
  • The obd2 scanner must be portable. Otherwise, it can’t be used while traveling to diagnose any problem if it occurs.
  • If the scanner can pinpoint the problem, you can solve the issue by searching on Google or YouTube if you don’t understand the code.

Note: You’re aware of the benefits of the obd2 scanner, but now you need to know how to use obd2 scanner. Otherwise, you can’t get the best output from it.

Frequently Asked Question

When you dive into an article to enrich your knowledge, this section always gets extra care as it provides some valuable information to fill your stock.

Are all obd2 scanners the same?

No, the straightforward answer is! Every obd2 Scanner comes with different features where some can only scan codes while others can pinpoint the problem with more advanced diagnoses.

Do obd2 scanners work on all cars?

The onboard diagnostic software has a standard form that is mandated by PA to work with all cars. No worries, what Scanner you purchased. It will work with your cars.

Does the car have to be running to use the obd2 Scanner?

While using an obd2 scanner, you need to turn on the ignition or drive the car manually to diagnose it. It depends on what model of obd2 Scanner you’re using.

Final Thought

Sometimes, it’s a strenuous task to find the right obd2 scanner for your car. However, we’ve tried our best to include every possible hack in this article on how to choose an obd2 Scanner. Whether you pick the right obd2 scanner after this hectic business, you can be safe in your car.

Hopefully, you’ve got proper guidelines from this article to choose the desired Scanner for your car that comes with versatile features to make your life comfortable with your drives.

How To Choose Obd2 Scanner – 2021 Beginner’s Guide 1

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