How Does A Winch Work? The Ultimate Guide 2021

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When it comes to driving, you never know how smooth or bumpy the ride will be; hence it is good to be prepared. Having the right equipment in your vehicle while on the road is very critical. A winch is one of the equipments that should always be in your vehicle, for you never know when you will need it. It is an efficient device for pulling or towing your vehicle when it gets stuck.

A winch is also used for general maneuvering of heavy objects, and most of the time, you will find it on the rear of trucks. You will also find a winch mounted on the front of off-road jeeps, but how does a winch work? When you fix a winch at the back or front of a towing vehicle, it safely pulls your stuck vehicle. For a winch to work efficiently, it must be of the right size to match your needs.

Types Of Winches

Winches are used for many functions, and as such, there are different kinds of winches.  Each is distinct from the other, and this depends on their usage. To pick the right winch, you have to understand the task it will perform. Some of the available winches include:

How Does A Winch Work

  • Electric winch – For this winch to work, there must be a power supply. This winch is becoming quite popular and uses an electric motor. When using this winch, you cannot lift heavy objects being that this is a lightweight winch. It is easy to use, portable, and quite convenient. 
  • Lever winch – This type of winch comes with a self-gripping jaw hence does not use a spool. It works by lifting heavy objects using the self-gripping jaws. Through that, it moves a rope or cable via the winch; a single move can carry several tons of weight back and forth using a lever winch.
  • Mechanical drum winch – This winch works by receiving power from an engine that is running. It is the most powerful type of winch, for it can work efficiently as long as the engine is running. For quick retrieval of any load, this is the winch to go for.
  • Air winch – It is a winch that is powered by air and used for lifting materials. This specific winch is used in construction industries and the gas oil industries. This air-powered winch is versatile, durable, and quite popular. 
  • Capstan winch – This winch gets its power from the engine via the crankshaft. The engine needs to be running for the capstan winch to work. You will find capstan winches mostly being used for marine operations. 
  • Hydraulic winch – A hydraulic winch comes with immense power received from the power steering pump. The fantastic part about this winch is even when immersed in water; it still works perfectly. You can use this winch to pull heavy objects. This winch will serve you for many years because it has a long lifespan.

How Does A Winch Work?

If your car has ever got stuck, I am sure you got quite frustrated, not knowing how to get yourself out of that messy situation. That is where a winch comes in, for it is efficient in pulling out vehicles that are stuck and lifting heavy objects. So, how does a winch work? When your car gets stuck, and you try to drive it out but becomes impossible, the only thing to do is winch it. You need to unwind the cable all the way to your car, then fasten the spoon onto your car, then pull it out.

Using a winch is not complicated as many people think; it is easy to use and convenient. Winches don’t work similarly because they are all meant for different functionalities. While some winches can handle quite heavy objects, some can only accommodate light ones. Therefore, for a winch to work efficiently, you must assign it to the specified task that it is meant for.

How To Use A Winch Safely? (Simple Steps)

The primary reason for having a winch on your vehicle is to assist in recovering, especially when your vehicle gets stuck in bad terrain. You never know when you will find yourself stuck in a pit of mud, that is why you should have a winch mounted on your vehicle at all times. Let us look into the necessary steps of using a winch safely;

Step 1: Get a pair of thick gloves and put them on. You should never work with a winch without gloves because a winch can cut your hands.

Step 2: Locate a strong anchor to attach your winch into. The anchor should be right in front of your vehicle for the winch to work correctly.

Step 3: Release the winch cable using the disengage lever located on the winch’s outer part. Check an option on the lever indicating “disengaged” and turn the lever to that specific option.  By doing that, the cable will be released, allowing you to pull it from the winch manually. 

Step 4: This is where you pull the winch cable to the anchor but avoid pulling a large amount of the cable because that will create slackness.

Step 5: Get the winch remote and start pulling the winch cable slowly. You can press the button on the remote to pull the winch cable back into the winch until the cable is taut. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you power a winch through trailer plug?

Yes, you can as long as you use enough power to ensure the winch is powerful enough to handle its tasks. 

Can you use a come along as a winch? 

A come-along can be used as a winch, mostly because of its versatility. You can perform many tasks using a come along.

Can you use a winch for lifting?

A winch can be used for lifting as long as you use the right type of winch for the specified task. All winches don’t perform the same; hence you need to get a winch specifically for lifting. 

Final Thought

We can all agree that a winch is an essential device that makes our day-to-day lives better. A winch can be used for several tasks meaning you have to get the right winch that matches the task you want to be handled. You can use a winch for vehicle recovery and can also be used for industrial purposes. Getting a winch is an excellent investment, for it comes in handy when you least expect, so it is better to be prepared.

How does a winch work? This depends on the specific task a winch is to perform. Using a winch is not difficult, for it requires minimal skills to have it up and running. A winch works by using a cable, rope, or chain to lift heavy objects and get out a stuck vehicle. Invest in this device today and reap all the great benefits that come with it.

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