How Can I Increase The Efficiency Of My Air Compressor?

Author: | Update On: December 3, 2020
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Air compressors are in demand because of their ability to perform many functions even though they only have one motor. They are versatile tools that feature an air tank, a compressor pump powered by a 120V electric motor. When the electric motor is powered, it causes the compressor to pump air into the tank to a maximum level; then it automatically shuts off.

But how can I increase the efficiency of my air compressor? This is quite easy because the first thing you have to ensure is that you carry out regular maintenance to keep everything running well. An air compressor comes with varied uses and can be applied in several applications. This device is quite powerful, for it can power huge plants by delivering energy straight into high-performance machines.

What Is The Efficiency Of An Air Compressor?

An air compressor’s efficiency is its ability to run the day-to-day operations efficiently. There could be a wide range of uses that an air compressor is entitled to, and if it’s not efficient enough, it will not handle the tasks properly. To ensure that your organization runs well without any challenges, you may want to consider promoting an air compressor system efficiency.

How Can I Increase The Efficiency Of My Air Compressor

It is important to note that the efficiency of an air compressor is usually dependent on many factors. For an air compressor to perform as you desire it, check and monitor the pressure to ensure that it’s at optimum parameters. Your air compressor will only work efficiently if you understand your needs. Once you maintain your air compressor properly, it will work efficiently in all kinds of weather, with minimal downtime.

How Is Air Compressor Efficiency Calculated?

Calculating an air compressor’s efficiency can be a bit complicated, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. However, there are valuable tools that have been put in place to make this calculation a bit manageable. You can calculate your air compressor efficiency using a quotient worksheet, usually broken down into various categories. Every category comes with a specified component that makes up your air compressor.

You can also contact a compressed air professional who is equipped with the right skills to carry out air compressor efficiency calculations. The best part about having an expert is you will be provided with information on how to increase your air compressor efficiency for better performance. An expert can also give you recommendations on properly maintaining your air compressor to deliver a reliable and efficient working system.

How Can I Increase The Efficiency Of My Air Compressor?

If you own an air compressor, a question that you will ask yourself at one time is how can I increase the efficiency of my air compressor? This is a good question because you would aim to ensure your air compressor keeps performing highly as it should. An air compressor offers a lot of benefits, making it a valuable tool worth investing in.

To increase the efficiency of your air compressor, consider the following:

Check for air leaks

The biggest enemy of an air compressor is air leaks because they affect its functionality. An air compressor will not perform efficiently if it is experiencing air leaks regardless of whether the other parts function perfectly. If you don’t fix the air leaks in good time, the whole air compressor will weaken and eventually break down. Once you detect the air leak issue, take the appropriate action to remedy the situation, and not affect the entire system.

The drains

This is another area that, if not well monitored, can cause immense problems to your air compressor. If the drains fail, the performance of your air compressor is automatically affected. When the drains fail, water starts building up, which is a grave danger for it may shut down the air compressor completely. You have to keep an eye on the drains to ensure that your air compressor’s functionality is not affected. Also, make sure that oily water does not get straight into the drains of your air compressor.


For your air compressor to perform up to par, you have to check on its ventilation, which determines your air compressor’s condition. The ventilation comprises the environment in which an air compressed operates at. If the ventilation is poor, it means the whole machine will not perform as it should. The air circulating should never be too congested; that is why you must conduct routine checks on the air vents to get rid of dust deposits.

Filtration system

An air compressor will work efficiently if a clean filtration system is provided. Check to ensure that the air and oil are filtered well in every cycle for an air compressor to perform smoothly. The filters should not be filled with dirt because that will force the air compressor to work extra hard to perform its duties, which can eventually strain the machine. A strained tool does not deliver the desired results; that is why you have to keep checking the filtration system to ensure that it is clean and free of dirt.

Final Thought

Air compressors are extremely useful tools that make work easier. A good air compressor performs highly to the point of exceeding your expectations. However, you must ensure that your air compressor performs efficiently by creating a conducive environment for this to happen. Remember that you are the only determinant of how your air compressor will perform.

How can I increase the efficiency of my air compressor? If this is your worry, you can carry out some of the factors that we have pointed out to perform your air compressor efficiently. A well-maintained air compressor can offer you numerous services, making it a handy tool to have around.

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