Fixd Review Update 2021: Is It Worth Buying?

Author: | Update On: November 29, 2020
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A few days earlier, I went on a long drive. Suddenly, my car started showing an indication of light. After some time my car fuel meter was indicating low. I didn’t notice those problems earlier. As a result, I had to call another car for help. But now, I don’t face such problems. Why? Because I use a device called a FIXD.

With this device, I can easily check the problems of my car and maintain it properly. Even this device has an app that notifies me before anything bad happened. This is why this is the best device as far as I got. Personally I am satisfied with this device so here I write a FIXD Review to give you more info.

What is FIXD?

FIXD is a sensor device that is a combo of hardware and software. This device is available for those cars that were made in 1996 or after that year. I can connect the device easily in my car because the car has an OBD-II port.

What is FIXD

This port works like a portable pen drive device. The sensor of this device helps to identify the problem and then it sends problems via Bluetooth on the app. I found a built-in app while purchasing the device.

The sensor of the device mainly identifies my car problem and then delivers notification through the app. Those notifications help to identify the problem quickly and I can solve it before anything bad happens.

What is FIXD - 2

I don’t need to charge the device because this device collects the power from my vehicles. I just need to plug in the device and this way it gives me its best service.

Main Features of FIXD

While using the FIXD device, I found some features. These features help me in many ways. Here are some listed features that I want to share.

Main Features of FIXD

  • A FIXD device has a sensor to identify the problems quickly.
  • I got a free FIXD app that notifies me immediately.
  • I can control multiple cars with this device.
  • It is a small, discreet and powerful device I got so far.
  • FIXD device delivers mobile push notifications for the reminder.

What You Need To Do To Maintain Your Car?

Maintaining a car is almost like caring for a baby at home. I need to check from time to time if there are any problems or not. Sometimes I didn’t even find a specific problem. And for that reason, I had to spend dollars behind the car.

What You Need to Do to Maintain Your Car

Sometimes may the problem be minor and I can easily repair it. Because of my little knowledge about the car problem, I had to go to the mechanic. FIXD devices gave me a perfect solution for all those problems. If there is any engine or hot oil problem this device easily identifies this.

Also, there are 6800 problems that can easily be identified through this FIXD device. You may need to change the oil or tire. Those problems will be notified through your app. You can read my FIXD Review and explore more about this device.

What Kinds Of Car Problems Can Fixd Identify?

There are some identifiable problems that can be easily located through the FIXD device. They are-

  1. If my tire needs to change or not.
  2. FIXD devices will help out when I need to change the oil.
  3. This device gives me a visual history of the app through a quick scan.
  4. Through this device, I can check engine light.
  5. I can also identify if there is an engine failure of the o2 sensor.

How Does Fixd Work?

FIXD is a tiny device that I mentioned earlier. I can easily set the device like a pen drive on my carport and synchronize it with the mobile app. This device will start working. To use the FIXD device I must need an OBD2 port. Here I am showing you how this FIXD works in my car.

How does FIXD work

  • First, I plugged the FIXD device into my car where the port is located.
  • Then, I went to the play store and downloaded the FIXD app. The app comes in a package with the device so I don’t need to buy it.
  • After installing the FIXD app on my device, I open the Bluetooth option and connect the FIXD with my device through the app.
  • FIXD device has Bluetooth 4.0 that helps to connect the device sensor with my mobile.
  • Now, I can get all the latest updates on my car problems on my mobile.

That is how the FIXD device works. By connecting the app through Bluetooth, I can synchronize with my car. Then, I easily get all notifications of problems and errors in my car. This way I can quickly solve the problems.

Is Fixd App Free?

In a way the FIXD app is free. Because it comes with the device in a package. So, when I bought it, I got the app completely free. This is a built-in app that I can easily synchronize on android or iOS devices.

Is Fixd App Free

The benefit of using this app is, even if I am not checking the car issues, this device will send notification on mobile. Also, while driving If I get the notification, it helps me to quickly repair my car.

The Pros And Cons Of FIXD

While using the FIXD device in my car I found some pros and cons of the device. I like to add some of them here.

The pros and cons of FIXD

Pros of FIXD
  • Affordable diagnostics device for the car.
  • It is intuitive and comfortable to use.
  • Save my time and provide accurate information.
  • Detect the problem quickly and notify through the app.
  • This device detects up to 6800 problems.
  • Translate the complicated error into simple languages.
  • The FIXD device app works as reminders.
Cons of FIXD
  • Unable to read the electric car’s problem.
  • Network problems sometimes.
  • Limited stock online.

Where Can I Get the Fixd Device?

Earlier FIXD devices were available in all stores including offline and online. Because of the device’s popularity now I can only get this amazing device on  this store. They made some amazing offers for their customers.

Where Can I Get the Fixd Device

Their most popular offer at this time is Buy 1 Get 1 free with a 50% discount. Also, they have a money-back guarantee, if you return the device in 30 days. Order now and get this special offer with free shipping in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you learned enough about the FIXD device? If not then read this section and discover more about this device.

Do You Need to Unplug the Scanner When You’re Done?

This process completely depends on use. If you plan to operate your vehicle a few days later then you need to unplug the scanner. If you want to use this regularly, then you don’t have to unplug the scanner.

Will Fixd Work With Foreign Cars?

Yes, FIXD works with Foreign cars. If your car has an OBD-II port then you can use this tiny device easily.

What are Customers Saying?

The customers are very positive about the FIXD device. They are happy to get this device with a minimum range.

How Can You Benefit from Fixd?

After using the FIXD device I get lots of benefits. I can save time and easily fix my car. Also, this device notifies me of my car problem. It is very easy to use and I can protect my car from any occurrence.

Final Thought

If I don’t get the proper device or impossible to find the right problem in my car then I have to spend lots of money. Why? There are almost 6800 problems that can occur. It’s not possible to identify those problems without any expert. This is why the manufacturer comes with the sensor device FIXD.

After using this device, I feel so relieved while driving and wanted to give a FIXD Review. So that people will learn how this tiny device can easily fix the big problems of a car. The FIXD device can easily be run on all cars that are made after 1996. So, choose this device to identify the problems and fix them as soon as possible.

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