Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021

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In a car collision situation, the airbags remain one of the primary safety tools in your car. Since you don’t know when and where your car might collide, it is good to ensure all airbags are functional. From passenger airbag, driver airbags to leg airbags, they all need to be functional.

The anti-lock brake system ensures the tires don’t lock up when you apply brakes on the car. By stopping the tires’ locking, you get enough traction that prevents you from slipping over, especially on muddy roads. The ABS scanner ensures that any abnormality in the ABS is timely reported so that you take action.

Having discussed the above two systems, it’s evident that the Best obd2 scanner with abs and srs is relevant in your car, and you need to have them for your own safety. You will be able to rectify them and make your car safe. 

What are ABS and SRS Codes?

The anti-lock brake system is supposed to be excellent and well-functioning. If there is a problem, a light indicator will appear on your dashboard, notifying you that the antilock brake system is no longer working. ABS code is simply the indicator that your anti-lock brake system is not working, and you cannot rely on it for safety in case of an emergency.

Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs

On the other hand, SRS codes are a supplemental restraint system that indicates an anomaly in your car’s airbag. That light indicates that some or all of the airbags in the car are not functioning. You can still drive your car, but in the case of an emergency, it will not be able to protect you. 

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Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021 1

LAUNCH Code Reader-CR123i OBD2 Scanner Engine

Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021 2

Car Code Reader with Live Data

Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021 3

FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner

Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021 4

ANCEL FX2000 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner

Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021 5

Autel ABS SRS OBD2 Scanner

Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Ultimate In-depth Reviews 2021 6

Code Reader TOPDON PLUS Diagnostic Scan Tool

6 Best Obd2 Scanner With Abs and Srs Reviews 2021

These machines are designed with sensors that can detect anomalies facing your ABS and SBS. It means when you install them in your car, you will be able to know when the car airbag or brake system is malfunctioning.

1. LAUNCH Code Reader-CR123i OBD2 Scanner Engine

LAUNCH Code Reader-CR123i OBD2 Scanner Engine

Drive with confidence with this Launch code reader. It is a 2021 version meaning it has all the tech for the new model cars. With a 5’’ screen display, you can easily see what is happening to your car. You don’t have to wait until your car starts to misbehave; click on the diagnostics section. 

The machine will reveal all anomalies facing your car’s brake system and airbag system. As long as your car is OBD2-compliant 12v vehicles, you can use this machine, and lucky for you, it supports up to 1000 cars. This means it is a good gadget for those who have a fleet of cars to monitor. 

You can check the smog on your own, and you can also read the freeze-frame date. It doesn’t end there because, with this machine, you can retrieve vehicle information. If you have been looking for the best obd2 scanner abs SRS transmission, you can make this one of your options. 

LAUNCH Code Reader Features:

  • 5’’ Inch display to make you see all the diagnostics
  • Compatible with all types of vehicles and can support 1000+ vehicles. 
  • You can get feedback on diagnostics in your email. 
  • It can monitor the battery health of your car and measure its voltage. 
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery of 6100Mah 

2. Car Code Reader with Live Data

Car Code Reader with Live Data

As long as your car is an OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, or hybrids, you can use this machine. The good with it is that it gives live updates as you move, thereby ensuring you read and erase codes as it sees fit. You don’t get the disturbing ABS & SRS light trouble codes, which can inconvenience your driving experience. 

Sometimes the battery and its charging system could start to fail. When you install this machine, you get the updates concerning the batteries and its charging system to know exactly what to do. You don’t know how to reset your oil. The Good obd2 scanner has a manual that you can follow to ensure you rest the oil. 

The freeze-frame feature allows you to monitor engine aspects such as the oil trim, coolant temperature, and other vital signs. You can save data of up to the 3 last vehicles scanned. This means you cannot use it on a lot of vehicles. 

Car Code Reader Features:

  • Works for all types of OBD2 vehicles 
  • You can save the date of up to 3 vehicles last scanned 
  • It can detect engine functional features such as oil trim. 
  • You can use it to rest your engine oil. 
  • It can read the freeze frame data and update on engine functioning 

3. FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner

FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner

This is more than an ABS and SBS scanner because it can eliminate air from the brake fluid after service the car’s brake. The air in brake fluid normally reduces the efficiency of the brakes. If some of your airbag controls have seized from functioning, you can temporarily use this device and activate them. 

In short, you can use the professional obdii scan tool with abs for enhanced control of your safety features. It can handle over 60 vehicles, making it a suitable option for a company with a fleet of vehicles. In the case of new updates, you can easily download it and get the latest news updates for you. 

Check the settings and know how you can improve its functions. This machine is durable because even if you handle it carelessly, it doesn’t easily break or malfunction. You can actively control features such as switches, sensors, relays, and actuators. 

FOXWELL NT630 Features:

  • It can eliminate air from brake fluid after every brake service. 
  • You can monitor up to 60 vehicles, so it is good for the company to use 
  • It keeps records of the vehicles scanned so you can retrieve data. 
  • Very robust, so it works for long without breaking down 
  • You can update the software to the latest one to get the best service 

4. ANCEL FX2000 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner

ANCEL FX2000 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner

If you have been looking for a reliable top obd2 scanner for your ABS, SRS codes on OBD2 vehicles, this is one of the most reliable machines you can go for. First, it contains the best diagnostic system to detect and erase all the codes on your car. 

You can also have an engine transmission check to ensure you don’t leave any error undetected. Your car needs to be 2005 or newer for it to be compatible with this machine scanner. Since it can read freeze frame data and has its EVAP system test, you can detect the engine transmission. You can even run engine diagnostics such as the oil trim.

It can stream data on the graph so that you easily read all the aspects of the diagnostics. Always make sure you have the best ENGINE, AT, ABS, and SRS diagnostics because it measures all four aspects.

ANCEL FX2000 Features:

  • It can measure all the OBD2 vehicles as long as it’s 2005 and above. 
  • It can display all the data on a graph so that you easily read the findings. 
  • You can monitor up to 46 vehicles, which are enough for those with many cars
  • 4-inch display that ensures you easily see the findings 
  • It Has the best control buttons that you use to easily run diagnostics 

5. Autel ABS SRS OBD2 Scanner

Autel ABS SRS OBD2 Scanner

If you want to monitor your engine, this is the best scanner for you. The upgraded version of AL619; it is compatible with all modern cars. You can use it on all the OBD2 vehicles to detect the ABS and SRS errors and clear them.

It clears all the codes making you have an excellent car to drive. Don’t let the anti-lock brake system and the airbag system cost your safety. Let the sensors monitor it, and you will be notified of any anomaly in that system. 

You can retrieve generic codes, manufacturer’s codes, and pending codes to ensure you have the best information regarding your car. It can read freeze frame data, and you can also see the graphs of the collected diagnostics. If the software is a bit outdated, you can upgrade it on your device. 

Autel ABS SRS Features:

  • It can reveal the generic codes, manufacturer’s codes, and the pending codes. 
  • You can update its software over the internet so that you increase efficiency. 
  • It is compatible with all the OBD2 vehicles, so you can be sure it fits well.
  • Very easy to use, and it comes with a large LCD for you to see well.
  • It is compatible with all high tech cars including the 2021 models

6. Code Reader TOPDON PLUS Diagnostic Scan Tool

Code Reader TOPDON PLUS Diagnostic Scan Tool

Full OBD2 function that complies with any vehicle. Top brands, such as Benz, BMW, and Volvo, can use this diagnostic tool. If you would like to know if your vehicle brand is compatible, look at the scanner’s manual. Cut short the vehicle inspection expenses because this scanner can detect all the ABS/SRS errors and codes. It is compatible with any car that is above 1996, and you can enjoy excellent results. Just connect it and press the diagnostic button for you to see the faults in the system.

It can turn off the MIL, and it also checks freeze frame data. O2 sensor tests, reading and clearing the DTCs, and battery charge inspection are some of this machine’s functions. It can work in many languages, including English, Spanish, and French. If you want the best obd2 scan tool with multilingual capability, this is the best one to use. Owing to this benefit, it has been classified as one of the best obd2 scanner with ABS and SRS for you to enjoy.

Code Reader TOPDON Features:

  • It supports multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and English. 
  • You get the best diagnostics that are reported on a graph for easy understanding. 
  • Works for many top brands on cars that are 1996 or newer 
  • It comes with its own USB cable for easier charging of the device. 
  • You can use the scanner on top brand cars such as BMW, BENZ, and Ford.

Why Should I Buy an ABS/SRS Scanner?

As a car owner, owning the best obd2 scanner with abs and srs should be one of your priorities. This machine ensures that your car’s problems don’t go unnoticed. Why is it relevant to own a scanner? Find out below.

  • You can monitor your airbag efficiency for safety assurance. 
  • It detects any errors in your brakes so that you don’t rectify early. 
  • The Scanner can monitor the battery and its charging system for any faults. 
  • You get live updates of your car’s engine, which means you can rectify early. 
  • Reset your oil any time without any difficulty 

Frequently Asked Question

There are some commonly asked questions about these devices. If you would like answers to these questions, read below.

Can a Vehicle Operate Without ABS & SRS?

Yes, it can operate but it may run into problems without you knowing. Imagine your anti-lock brake system becoming non-functional without you knowing or one of your airbags failing and you don’t know. It’s good to have one for your own safety assurance. 

Can I use one scanner to diagnose ABS and SRS?

Yes, you can use the same scanner for ABS and SRS. In fact, that is the only service, you can as well get engine updates and oil conditions. If you own several vehicles, some scanners can scan up to 100 vehicles. 

Is it safe to drive with ABS and SRS lights on?

It is not safe when these lights are on, it means the brake or the airbags are not functioning well. These are the two primary safety features that protect you in case of an accident.  Ensure you check it and rectify before erasing the codes.

How do I find an ABS/SRS Error?

First, plug in your scanner to the scanner port. Turn on your key to position two and turn your car on. You can then run the diagnostics and you will see all the ABS and SRS error messages.

Can I use a scanner to determine why my airbag doesn’t deploy?

Yes, actually the scanner is the one that detects the faults on your airbag. If one of your airbag doesn’t deploy, you will easily be notified so that you make rectification early. 

Final Verdict

The best obd2 scanner with abs and srs can ensure your car is well-monitored for an excellent performance. You will be able to drive at maximum safety because both ABS and the SRS will be in excellent form. Besides the two common services, engine transmission is also monitored to get alerts if there is something wrong. In case you haven’t decided on the best scanner to go for, the Code Reader TOPDON PLUS Diagnostic Scan Tool is one of the most reliable ones.

These sensors can detect errors in your battery and its charging system so that you know where the problem is. After servicing the brakes, there is normally air accumulating in your brake fluid; you can use the scanner to remove it. This is why scanners are important to have for every car owner.

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