The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews – Top Picks of the Year

Author: | Update On: January 21, 2021
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Every Audi/VW owner needs a quality scan tool to diagnose and fix the problems. It detects everything with much dedication to rescue the user from severe trouble. If you have an Audi or VW vehicle, you must store such a useful tool in your garage by all means. Only managing a device is not enough; instead, you have to be prompt in purchasing the best Audi/VW scan tool to find everything working well.

However, it may seem challenging to you to choose the quality one without any pre-experience. It’s common to all. We’re going to talk about the products you’re eyeing to purchase here. Hence it will be your best decision to scroll down here. Let’s move on!

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The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews - Top Picks of the Year 1

Professional Automotive OBD2 Scanner Code Reader

The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews - Top Picks of the Year 2

OBDeleven Standard Edition by Voltas IT, for VW, Audi

The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews - Top Picks of the Year 3

XTOOL V401 Code Reader Work for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Diagnostic Scan

The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews - Top Picks of the Year 4

ANCEL VD500 OBD II Diagnostic Scanner for Volkswagen VW Audi

The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews - Top Picks of the Year 5

Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter and App: Diagnose]

5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews 2021

Now it’s time to discuss all of our chosen products in detail. You’re highly requested to stay here.

Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews

1. Professional Automotive OBD2 Scanner Code Reader

Professional Automotive OBD2 Scanner Code Reader

If you want to diagnose your Audi/VW with much precision, you must manage this scanner right now. It will scan all the difficulties of your vehicles and provide you with the best possible solutions. With some unique functions, this scanner is eligible to configure components after making replacements. Most notably, it can read and clear troubles codes of all major systems, including transmission, PCM, ABS, SAS, oil reset battery registration, and so on.

It performs the immobilizer system, sensor electronics system, dashboard system, battery control system, and transmission control systems on your vehicles accurately. You find accurate data about troubleshooting at any time through this professional VW/Audi scan tool. As it can be used for universal OBD 1 and OBD 2 code readers, you find the optimal service in checking engine light, reading error codes, and detecting other problems on other brands as well.

The LCD screen will indicate the real-time test results with much precision. Moreover, you find ease using its rugged drop-proof case, silicone keypad, and all-wheel control system. It also allows data streams to show you live PID data of the vehicle’s computer module. The readiness function and parking brake system make it handy to all Audi/VW owners.

Professional Automotive Features:

  • This scanner can work with the transmission, TPMS, SAS, engine ABS, PCM, and many more significant VW vehicle groups’ systems.
  • It can diagnose the engine’s problem scanning the components, and give a better solution instantly.
  • The accumulation of the airbag system, sensor electronics system, dashboard system, immobilizer system, transmission control system, and other systems make it perfect.
  • You find the overall output on its LCD screen and use it on other brands’ car OBD system at ease.
  • It comes with a rugged, ergonomic design and allows users to observe live stream data at any time.

2. OBDeleven Standard Edition by Voltas IT, for VW, Audi

OBDeleven Standard Edition by Voltas IT, for VW, Audi

It’s a perfect tool for detecting everything happening to your VW/Audi vehicles with accuracy. Combining multiply advanced and revolutionary features can scan engines, diagnose problems, and ultimately provide a productive solution. Moreover, this scan tool can automatically identify VIN vehicles, clear diagnostic trouble codes, and read information about the control unit.

It has been one of the best OBD2 scan tools because of its live-streaming performance. You find real-time data of your vehicle by keeping an eye on this excellent tool at any time. Furthermore, it will allow you to share the data via email, perform oil service reset, manage brake service replacement, and ultimately observe battery status. With the help of a control comfort system setting, you can toggle the window, adjust car lights, and activate cool visual features at ease.

Along with Audi/VW vehicles, you can use it on other brands as well. You don’t need to struggle much in operating this quality scanner. Most notably, this OBD tool is compatible with your Android phone or tablet to make your diagnostic process more straightforward. You find all the troubleshooting data and test results on its screen at an affordable price. After all, you can choose this excellent device to have the best support in the long run.

OBDeleven Standard Features:

  • This OBD scanner is perfect for detecting the engine’s error, reading code, clearing faults, and finding the immediate solution.
  • It can identify VIN information, observe battery status, detect errors, and read information about the control unit.
  • The combination of control comfort system setting, active tool visual features, live stream function, and other additional functions make it suitable for Audi/VW.
  • You can share diagnostic data via email, connect it on your phone, and adjust car light through this scanner.
  • It supports VW, Audi, Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley, and many more brands and needs very little time to activate your vehicle’s functions.

3. XTOOL V401 Code Reader Work for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Diagnostic Scan

XTOOL V401 Code Reader Work for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Diagnostic Scan

As a VW/Audi owner, you can’t but purchase a quality scanner to have the best assistant in the course of dealing. You can set your mind for the XTOOL diagnostic scanner to find the best collaboration in detecting the vehicle’s problem, finding error codes, observing battery status, noticing the overall performance, and having the immediate solution. This scan tool comes with the powerful functions to detect all components of all major brands, including SKODA, SEAT, VW, and AUDI.

Moreover, it incorporates the retrieve controller information function, the system basic adjustment function, I/M readiness function, and adaption function to carry on its responsibility for the vehicles with much accuracy. You find quick output on its display and observe live stream data on your smartphone through this device. It also lets you check the engine light, performs the oil reset, and detects vehicles from VIN.

The handheld and ergonomic design will aid you most in handing it. Moreover, you find ease in use since it needs a couple of clicks on to work fluidly. You find an OBD pin cable, USB cable, card reader, and other accessories with this great item. Even you can purchase this best diagnostic scan tool at an affordable price range. Hence, we love to suggest this impressive one over other scanners.

XTOOL V401 Code Features:

  • This OBD scanner comes with some powerful functions and can be run detachedly without a PC.
  • It can scan engines, find errors, clear fault codes, observe battery status, and check engine light more precisely than other scanners.
  • The handheld design with the hotkey button makes it accessible to all, and the LCD screen puts it high in demand.
  • You find real-time data on the live stream, share data via email, and customize functions as your wish through it.
  • The inclusion of acquisition test, adaption function, I/M readiness, the system basic adjustment functions, and so on make it perfect for vehicles.

4. ANCEL VD500 OBD II Diagnostic Scanner for Volkswagen VW Audi

ANCEL VD500 OBD II Diagnostic Scanner for Volkswagen VW Audi

A useful scan tool is imperative to an Audi/VW owner to eliminate all the upcoming problems during the driving period. If anyone owns the ANCEL diagnostic scanner, there will be little chance of being in trouble to detect everything accurately. This OBD scanner can work on 12V cars and light trucks of Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat. Apart from reading codes, it can also erase codes on the engine, SAS, TPMP, ABS, transmission, and other systems.

Moreover, it has been handy for performing brake replacement, oil reset, battery status observation, and finding the ultimate solution. It can successfully retrieve VIN information and detect vehicles based on it. The throttle position adaption function and electric park brake reset function put it high in demand to the vehicle owners. Most noticeably, it incorporates a steering angle sensor for performing VAG vehicle diagnosis functionality.

Meanwhile, the immobilizer system will add much convenience to you to have a risk-free driving session. The electronic stability program will enhance stability by lessening the loss of traction. It has been the best OBD2 scanner with abs and srs in the present market. The tire pressure monitoring system brings a new revolution of this scan tool. After all, it will be ideal for you to have the best support in your driving period.

ANCEL VD500 OBD Features:

  • This OBD2 scanner tool is designed for 12V 16-pin Skoda/ SEAT/ Audi/ Volkswagen series vehicles.
  • It comes with a steering angle sensor, electronic stability program, tire pressure monitoring system, and other functionalities to work on.
  • The TPS replacement system, oil service reset the system, electrical park brake, and throttle position adaption system make it perfect.
  • It can read and erase codes on ABS, SAS, ESP, TPMS, transmission, and other systems with much accuracy.
  • You can use it to detect the vehicle’s VIN information, retrieve VIN, and check the engine light.

5. Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter and App: Diagnose

Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter and App: DiagnoseYou can diagnose the problem and configure the setting as per your wish by dint of the Carista OBD2 scanner. This device can be connected to iOS and Android via Bluetooth to make the overall error detecting process easier. With the compatibility of many third-party apps, it has been convenient for the vehicle owners. The launch control counter, EPB retraction tool, oil reset, battery observation, and other excellent functionalities put it high in demand.

It has been the best Audi/VW scan tool combined with tire pressure sensors and dealer-level electronics diagnostics facility. You find advanced problem detecting and solving scope on all systems through this quality scanner. Moreover, it will show you fault codes on the LCD screen and live stream. The advantage of checking engine light, sharing data via email, and reading information about the control unit makes it highly commendable to all.

Meanwhile, you can utilize it with BMW, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, VW, and many more brands without any annoyance. It will manage you with real-time data to overcome all the challenges during the driving period. Even the affordable price range of this device will aid you most to save your money. Hence you should purchase this impressive one ahead of other traditional scanners.

Carista OBD2 Features:

  • This OBD2 scanner is perfect for detecting code errors, identifying the engine’s problem, observing battery status, and fixing overall issues.
  • It comes with a launch control counter, EPB retraction tool, and service reset facility to aid you most.
  • The compatibility with multiple brands and third-party apps make it demanding around the world.
  • You find the best experience in configuring the settings and diagnosing faults through this Bluetooth connected device.
  • The tire pressure sensor, check engine light functionality, and accessible using facility makes it popular to all vehicle owners.

Why Should You Buy an Audi/VW Scan Rool?

You have to face off several challenges during the driving session. Hence, you need to get alarmed about all updates of your vehicle to overcome all difficulties. To get rid of all possible problems, you must go for the best Audi/VW scan tool at any cost. However, we’re going to point out why you should purchase such a device below.

  • An Audi/VW scan tool will diagnose your vehicles’ overall condition to keep it intact while driving.
  • It will determine the error codes, fix the problems, inspects the battery status, and erase the codes.
  • You can check engine light, perform oil reset, accomplish brake replacement, and manage other functionalities on your vehicles through it.
  • It will help you detect vehicles via VIN information, show real-time data on the LCD screen, and share data via email to others.
  • The tire pressure sensors, Bluetooth connection system, and throttle position adaption system will assist you most in having the best comfort while driving.
  • The versatility of use, the inclusion of an electronic stability program, and ease of use will bring much convenience to you at driving.

You will learn more about the scan tool by clicking on “diagnostic trouble code for cars.”

Final Verdict

Almost all the Audi/VW users are keen to manage a quality scanner with them all along. Most of them can hardly pick the ideal one due to the lack of enough expertise. As you’ve found some classic products here, you can purchase one of those right now. We like to recommend the Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter and App: Diagnose since it’s the best Audi/VW scan tool in the market.

It incorporates the launch control counter, tire pressure sensor, and live stream facility to detect your vehicles’ overall problems. Moreover, it works on Bluetooth and provides the best experience in customizing settings. The XTOOL V401 Code Reader also comes with some powerful functions to observe the vehicles with much precision.

The 5 Best Audi/VW Scan Tool Reviews - Top Picks of the Year 6

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